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Running Through it all

For some reason running gives me clarity on everything that happened over the past 10 months.  Last weekend we went to Arizona for a wedding and I found myself jogging up this hill/mountain in the middle of Tempe near ASU.  Maybe it was the fact that I was not prepared (I had no water with me, and this was pretty stupid given the temperature and the dry heat) but when I reached the top and looked out over Tempe and over to Phoenix I found myself becoming very emotional.  I thought back onto what I went through, and I how lucky I was (I am).  It is when I think about all of the "almosts" when the tears start to come and breathing becomes a little more difficult.  But then I think about how things are, and not about the almosts anymore, but about how things are:  To be running again, up a hill, sprinting, by myself, this time with no cell phone, and standing at the top.  I still take the time to reflect on everything, to realize how lucky I am.

Yeah - it felt pretty good.


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