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Doing What I Say

So there will be an article in the Boston Globe on January 24, 2008 that features the "Go Red for Women" campaign. This is great news - especially since I have become an integral part of the campaign in Boston.  I will be in the Globe on January 24, and I will also be doing a promo on January 24 at a Bruins came for two local news stations.  On January 23 I am going to be in Sara Campbell's Fashion Show as part of the Go Red Campaign as well.  Also, my story went up on the American Heart Association Website as well.  This is all for a great cause, and I could not be happier to be putting the horror of what I experienced to something positive and good.  However, I now feel guilty everything I step into an elevator.  See, in part of the Globe article I talk about taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Personally, there are plenty of times that I do not want to take the stairs.  At the end of a long day taking the stairs is really the last thing that I want to do.  I am cranky and I am tired and I am not paying attention to where my feet are going.  With my luck, one foot will probably fall after another and I am going to fall on my face at some point.  However, after January 24, I can no longer take the luxurious ride down or up a single flight of stairs.  Ten flights  - well, that is something altogether different.  But a flight - no, that is not really going to fly anymore.  It is kind of pathetic that I get out of breath walking up stairs too.  I mean I teach at least 4 fitness classes a week, and I still get winded for walking up some stairs.  I feel like I should start training over the next week or something. Hopefully the Go Red Campaign will make people get off their ass and stop taking the elevator all of the time - and I have already been taking the stairs - so I "steps" ahead of the game.  After all, I have to do what I say and do, right?