Queen of Hearts
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The Queen's Inspiration

The little device is from a company called the King of Hearts.  Well the Queen already has her king, and he most certainly does not come in a box.  She wrote, and did a great deal of it when her heart first gave her a problem, but the months went by, and she lost her energy and her motivation.  It was not until she came across an amazing woman in Africa that she regained her inspiration to write.  Now, it is perhaps the style of writing that became so inspirational.  Maryam, today my heart thanks you.


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Oh yay! You started a blog:) I was interviewed recently by Women's Health magazine and I cited you as a person who needed to have a blog:)

PS And I am very flattered by your words. Thank you:)

Maryam is a woman of substance. I am glad she has inspired you to write.

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