Just a litte Party...

Chocolate and Cream

She broke the bars up into little pieces between her fingers.  There were two different kinds - one that was 72% cocoa and another 56%.  Both labels said "dark" but the 72% had a richer flavor.  She learned in a class some time ago that the recipe would not work with a cocoa percentage about 65.  The oil from the cocoa butter would separate, and she it was true, because she actually saw it happen.  She added one bar of the 72% and three of the 56%.  She split up the pieces, and tasted a few every now and then... for quality control of course.  The heavy cream simmered in a pot, and just before it reached boiling, she lifted the heavy bottom pan off the stove and poured the cream onto the chocolate.

The chocolate started to melt slowly, and the cream swirled around the little pieces.  The beginnings of the truffles were in the works.


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PS I am a terrible cook. Sigh.
PPS Thank you so much for your support:)

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