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The Queen did not know what to do.  When she started writing, she had so many ideas, and thoughts about what she wanted to put on her blog:  memories of her recovery, all the travels from the years past, her interest in photography, and her love and passion of cooking.  But none of it seemed to really fit in her blog design...  So she spent some time looking for inspiration.  There was the reason she started the blog in the first place:  women and hearts...

Hearts and while the color red made perfect sense at first, it just did not seem to fit.  She then looked for other images she designed, and saw that the pink made more sense.  Yes, the pink.


So at the end of it all, she put together something new, and decided that it was ok to become a bit more creative on the blog.  Oh, and she also wanted to wish everyone out there an early Happy Holidays!

Holiday copy


In December 2006 I spent days, weeks, and months recovering from heart surgery.  Oddly, these were some of the most peaceful days, weeks, and most I can remember.  They felt safe and calm, and I had nothing to worry about except getting better.  Since then, I have not taken the same "time out" from my daily routine to fix what ails me whether it be a common cold, aches and pains, or the much needed mental health day from it all.  That is until this a weekend in Maine with Hector and Kerry and Mia.  You see, there is not a lot to do in Maine except recover.  I suppose there are plenty of people who would beg to differ with me on this statement, but I consider myself a city girl through and through.  I like the concrete.  The coffee shop around the corner, and our weekly Friday night wine tastings with Daniel at Brix.  But this is not really how things work in Maine when it is 22 degrees outside - and that does not even include the wind chill.

So Mia told me to consider it a recovery day on Saturday, and that is what I did...  Most of included staying in my pajamas, the good kind from Garnet Hill, in front of the fireFire From time to time, a glance out the window would show winter berries blowing in the wind.Berries or a peak through the trees at the water that had ice creeping up on the shore, as the sun set behind the winter skySunset Recovery was needed - in fact, I think I needed to recover from myself and my day to day beliefs of what I "must" do.  It had been so long since I allowed myself to just be, and it was so nicely rewarded. 


was a day of celebration.  It was my birthday, and the day better than any expectations.  It is true that often the seemingly simplest gifts are the best...  like a card drawn by a 6 year old.Bday-card

a virtual cupcake that arrived over my emailCup cake

A surprise dinner party with friends, with food, drinks, and of course it would not have been complete without cakeCake

One of my friends asked me what events stood out over the past year.  To me, my birthday encompasses so many other holidays in one:  It is my New Year, and it is a time for my own Thanksgiving.  I am celebrating a new year, another milestone, another day to be thankful for all that I have and the people who are in my life.  Everyday and every year gives me another opportunity to be grateful.  I do not have to wait for January 1, but instead, I celebrate on November 20.  

Thank you...

Aha_logo Logo

Over 15,000 people walked at the START! Boston Heart Walk in September 2008 this year.  I saw most of them as I stood on stage and warmed them up minutes before they walked around the Charles River on that beautiful sunny day.  There were countless of people who put this walk together:  Kelly, Allyson, Angela, Tara, Alex, Jennifer, Renee, Elizabeth, Tara, Jayne, Zach, and I am sure, in fact I know others.  These are all people who I have come to know and appreciate.  I saw them last night at the Heart Walk awards ceremony where the walkers were celebrated.  Awards were handed out to the top walkers, and the top teams as glasses were raised to the almost $2M dollars that the Boston walkers raised.  But it is the AHA and ASA who put all of this together, and they should be celebrated.  Everyday they work to celebrate the survivors.  They listen to the stories, and dedicate their time, energy, and efforts to making people better.  So I would like to thank the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association for their successes over the years.  Their efforts go above and beyond everyday to makes lives better, and to make lives happen.

The sweet things in life

Life is sweet, that is what I like about it.  No matter how many times I feel my heart beat... no matter how hard it pounds in my chest or the frequency of the flutters, I still savors the sweetness that life has to offer.  Perhaps that is why I have this little problem... confections.Candy
I eat them and I make them.  The more exotic the more fun.  But sometimes, just sometimes, simple is better... As each piece melts in my mouth, my heart relaxes, my senses calm.  They are all so good.  But then there is the one.  That one confection that trumps all others.  The one that pulls me into the kitchen time and time again and begs me to taste it, to melt it, and to mold it...Marshmallow Chocolate copy Yes, the chocolate.  It is truly what makes life as sweet as it is (and like wine, the dark cocoa is good for your heart too!)

My heart

is overwhelmed and filled with joy today.  What a day.  What a day to be alive and what a day to be part of the US election process.  Congratulations to the Obama family.  It is moments like this that make all the other ones - however big or small - disappear for just a little while.  Just a little while so that you can smile and say thank you.  So I raise my glass and toast the next president of the United States (plus, red wine is Oh so good for the heart...)Wine

Have a heart

It started with just a little idea.  How can I make a difference?  How can I share my story, inspire women, and make sure that women everywhere, all over the world start to take care of their hearts?  I met Jojo, a jewelry designer of great talent and spirit.  We sat over a cup of coffee one cold winter morning last year and talked.  I told her my story and what I wanted to do.  She helped to make it happen, and now we have the "Lily Bracelet".  A real piece of jewelry named after me...  You can have a little piece of the heart too... you can have a heart for yourself, your sister, your mother, your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter, or your best friend.  One little heart that can show how much you care.  The gold links wrap around your wrist and will remind women everywhere how important their heart health really and truly is...  so think about having a heart.  Plus, it will look so shiny around your wrist, and perfect for the holiday season...  You know you want one, and all you have to do is ask!AHA Globe Lily Bracelet 0374

Bracelets are $20 + s&h.  A portion of all proceeds do go to the American Heart Association.

Have you ever...

Have you ever noticed that moment when the seasons change?  It is not an exact date or time or even second, but rather a feeling.  For me that feeling happens now, in November.  Perhaps because two years ago during this time my days were spent in planning mode for the two months that I was going to be out of work and out of my own day-to-day life following my heart surgery.  As I walked home from the gym this morning I felt the change.  It was colder, and even as I stepped into the sunlight, the air felt different.  Have you ever felt that change and for just a few seconds wished that you could step into another place?  For me that place is often the Amalfi Coast.  A two week vacation was all it took, and it brought me away from the cold air of the North East.  Have you ever seen the pink paint peeling away from a gorgeous wall with palm trees surrounding it, and even though you know that it is old, and perhaps could use a new coat of paint, you would not change a thing about it...Pink-walls
have you ever sat underneath a grape arbor and seen lemons the size of grapefruits, and breathing in the air tasted like the sun?Grape-arbor
what about driving recklessly around an island in a car that is no more stable than a golf cart as people yell at you because the muffler has half-fallen off, and sparks are flying from behind the back of the car...Car copy
or, have you ever tasted buffalo mozzerella so fresh that you actually get to meet the buffalo from where it came???Buffalo So when I find the winds changing, and my mind drifting to the places I have been, and the past, I think about where I would like to go in the future.