An untraditional Thanksgiving


The Queen did not know what to do.  When she started writing, she had so many ideas, and thoughts about what she wanted to put on her blog:  memories of her recovery, all the travels from the years past, her interest in photography, and her love and passion of cooking.  But none of it seemed to really fit in her blog design...  So she spent some time looking for inspiration.  There was the reason she started the blog in the first place:  women and hearts...

Hearts and while the color red made perfect sense at first, it just did not seem to fit.  She then looked for other images she designed, and saw that the pink made more sense.  Yes, the pink.


So at the end of it all, she put together something new, and decided that it was ok to become a bit more creative on the blog.  Oh, and she also wanted to wish everyone out there an early Happy Holidays!

Holiday copy


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