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Over 15,000 people walked at the START! Boston Heart Walk in September 2008 this year.  I saw most of them as I stood on stage and warmed them up minutes before they walked around the Charles River on that beautiful sunny day.  There were countless of people who put this walk together:  Kelly, Allyson, Angela, Tara, Alex, Jennifer, Renee, Elizabeth, Tara, Jayne, Zach, and I am sure, in fact I know others.  These are all people who I have come to know and appreciate.  I saw them last night at the Heart Walk awards ceremony where the walkers were celebrated.  Awards were handed out to the top walkers, and the top teams as glasses were raised to the almost $2M dollars that the Boston walkers raised.  But it is the AHA and ASA who put all of this together, and they should be celebrated.  Everyday they work to celebrate the survivors.  They listen to the stories, and dedicate their time, energy, and efforts to making people better.  So I would like to thank the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association for their successes over the years.  Their efforts go above and beyond everyday to makes lives better, and to make lives happen.


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Thanks Lil. Actually it's people like you who really give us a reason for our job and push us to do what we do. Not because you are a "survivor", but also because you have passion and want to help others, and I love that! You have enough energy for 10 people and always keep us on our toes, which we all need sometimes.

You're pretty much the best and Hector is pretty cool too:) We are going to do some amazing things.

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