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On the Hill

For Ali


She knew what her friend was going through.  The days, hours, minutes, and even seconds of wondering "Why me?"  Life changes forever when news is received, especially bad news.  Her friend had major surgery just over a week ago.  And as she recovered she received word that she would probably need another major operation.  This was all too much.  Her friend was only 33.  33 and have major surgery that would change everything.  She remembered back to when she had her stroke.  It happened at 33.  The surgery was only a few months later.  She could relate only too well and knew what it meant to wait for news from doctors as if your life depended on it...because it did.

She could not be there for her physically, but emotionally?  Yes, she could in every possible way.  She understood the depth of the pain and frustration.  She hoped, oh she really hoped that her friend would be able to find those tiny little rays of sunshine through all of the grey clouds.  She had a feeling that she might, she might just get there.  No, she would, she would get there because there was simply no other option. 


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