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How the Queen found her King


It is really a love story after all - one about the Queen of Hearts and how she meet her King.  She had known her King for at least 6 years, and their love story did not really start out with a lot of, well, love I suppose.  In fact, the Queen (when she first met the King) was rather annoyed with him because he did not seem to get her the information that she needed at the time.  They were were in a working relationship at the time, and the Queen needed some information on the King's subjects, and the King was not getting that information fast enough so the Queen resorted to other tactics so that she did not have to deal with the King who frustrated her to no end at the time.

However as time went on, the Queen found the King to be more and more charming.  She could not resist his appeal, and finally, some four years ago, she exercised her royal power and asked him out on a date.  That was that, and out they went.  That year the King and the Queen had an extraordinary courtship - until almost a year to the date later when the Queen fell ill.  She suffered a stroke, right in front of the King in fact, and he whisked her away to the hospital and quite literally saved her life.

It is the kind of story that makes it to the big screen, really it is.  Guy meets girl, they fall in love, he saves her life, and there it is.  So when he asked her to marry him as they walked down cobblestone streets in front of old Boston brownstones, she was not surprised since they had spoken about it before.  However she was stunned.  She fell silent - which is something she almost never does.  After saying "yes" she inquired as to why he was not down on his knees when he asked the oh-so-important question (she was a Queen after all!).  He informed her that he had bad knees.  The both laughed, and off they went to celebrate - he arranged quite a surprise with her parents and grandmother, and there they all sat enjoying the evening, toasting one another, and talking about the past, the present, and the future.

The Queen had finally met her King.  She searched for so long, and and there he was, right there, and he would stay there.  For always.