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Somewhere I have never travelled, gladley to

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So like one of my favorite e.e. cummings poems, I had never traveled to the Dominican Republic before.  And when I arrived, it was not the same Dominican Republic that I had heard about years ago... The first time I heard about the DR was on a beach in the Bahamas while working at Club Med.  There is also a Club Med in the DR - Punta Cana to be specific.  It conjured up images of palm trees, pristine beaches, tropical drinks, and guests running around acting like teenagers as they try to do as much as they can in the course of their 7-night holiday.  However, I was not going on a Club Med vacation.  No, instead I was going to meet my future family and stay with them for a few days at their home in Santo Domingo.  I had an idea of what to expect.  I have traveled lots of places and spent time living in the Bahamas and Mexico.  How different could it be?

Upon arrival we were welcomed by a tropical rain fall that covered the ground in sheets and did not let up for hours to come.  Welcome to the Caribbean, I thought to myself, as I walked underneath the covering just outside of the "arrivals" section at the airport.  Even with the rain, I felt a comfort level that often arrives when I land in a tropical place:  between the air, the palm trees, and the view of the ocean, I anticipated the tastes and flavors of Latin Caribbean food.

  Along with the food, we were able to see some of the local art work in the Old City...


We were invited to see the airing of local laundry...

And visited with the the locals...

No, the trip was not like my days in Club Med.  It was beautiful, gorgeous, and more than I can imagine.  I cannot wait to go back.


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