Extreme Training for the Body and Mind

She pulled, and felt the muscles in her back contract.  Her lats fired every time her body went from a squat to standing.  She was then instructed to go from a one legged squat to a one-legged plyometric jump.  Seriously?  Four on the left leg and then four on the right.  She then straightened her back and started the rows - again, muscles in her back fired.

Chest - presses as she held herself up with her hands fixed into the straps of the nylon bands that were hanging from the ceiling and initiated creaks every so often that gave her a sense of insecurity.  Beads of sweat started to run down her face and pool in the small of her back.

She then lay in a supine position, looking up at the ceiling, and hooked her heels into the foot straps.  She lifted her hips up off the ground, bent her knees, and curled her heels into gluts.  She felt the burn in her hamstrings.

Prone position - face down - and push-ups with feet suspended off of the ground.  One push-up, and then she brought her knees into her chest.

And on it went, dozens more exercises each one more interesting than the next working her body in ways that she had never worked before.

She couldn't help but think that some of this might never have been possible had she not recovered from the stroke and heart surgery - but she did, and with every muscle fiber worked on controlling and stabilizing her core time and time again.  Some of the moves were rather reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil, which she did not mind.  In the end she took a TRX suspension system home with her.  Oh, she could not wait to bring it to the park for her first workout.  Although it would all depend on how much Tylenol she would need tomorrow...

Trx (participants at the TRX training)

TRX - Training to the extreme

Tomorrow I will be inside for eight hours training.  Not just training, but TRX training.  This is fitness training to a whole new level.  It involves a band that is suspended from the ceiling or another contraption and a series of exercises that are done in sequence to train the whole body.  So after eight hours of this, I think that I will need a few things...Tylenol, a hot bath, and something really good to eat.  Why am I doing this?  Because I need continuing education credits for my personal training certification and at the time (I must have had one to many classes of something) I thought it looked cool).  Hhmmmm.  Maybe not so cool anymore.  So if this is supposed to go from 9:00 - 5:00pm tomorrow, I wonder how I will feel around 5:05pm, oh, Monday will not be a good day.

Want to know what I am talking about?  Check it out:
174101177_PSiKi-L (photo from racerxonline.com)


My body feels broken.  Not in a spiritual or symbolic way, but in the literal sense.  It hurts to walk, sleep does not come easily, food does not have the same taste that it once did, and simple movements that I could do without thinking twice make me wince.  Lying on the concrete floor in my apartment on a yoga mat with my feet propped up on the ottoman brings instant relief to everything that feels broken (mostly my back), that is until I have to roll onto one side to get up from that position because my body starts to feel as stiff as the poured cement below.  Yes: broken, casse, fragmented little pieces.

My father wondered whether I was getting too old to be teaching fitness classes... "You are 35 after all..." Thanks a lot dad.  Actually, I am 36, but who's counting?  And too old?  Are you kidding me?  I mean I think that Jack Lalane is still going strong (juicer and all!) and I KNOW that Richard Simmons is going strong.  I mean if he can do it, then I most certainly can as well!  So even though there has been one back surgery, three knee operations, and open heart surgery, I will still keep at it... broken or not.  Perhaps it is vanity, or those endorphins that bring on a high greater than any drug could, but I cannot stop moving, teaching, or being myself.  Even if it means lying on a concrete floor from time to time...  Thank god I brought a towel to work so that I can lie down on my office floor if needed.  No ottoman, but I can always prop my feet up on that Herman Miller Chair!

Aeron_3(image from Herman Miller Seating)