Dancing, Celebrating, and the Big Day

OK - so it really is not a secret that I am getting married.  And to my closest friends and family it is not a secret that I love to plan.  I have in fact always loved to plan and never been afraid of events or parties.  In fact, when I was quite young, I planned a surprise 20th Wedding Anniversary for my parents.  They, of course, had to pay for the event, but I managed to find the caterer, pick out the perfect guest list and people actually came to the house, my parents where indeed surprised (in a good way) and it worked!

So now I am planning one of the most important events ever, and it is less than 6 months away.  Last fall, when I bought my first 2 Bridal Magazines, I did so with trepidation.  You see, I am rather superstitious.  I have never purchased a bridal magazine before last fall.  I chalked it up to bad luck.  When I placed the magazines down in front of the cashier it was almost as if I was buying pornography or the like.  Don't get me wrong - I have danced my fingers over the pages of such magazines thousands of times before, but never, ever had I actually laid down cold hard cash for the stuff!

So with the magazines - and yes, I only bought 2 because I quickly realized that once you buy 1, there is very little content that differs from one to the next - I started off of my planning adventures.  There is the layout of the event, the colors, and the atmosphere...


(image from www.theknot.com)

A decision to find a color that will coordinate with the theme, the room and the invitations that will pull the whole event together...

(Design by Katharine MacIntyre Navins, Tallow Studio)

The flowers, the music, and the cake... and then there is the decision of the first dance, if dancing is something that you choose to do...

(image from http://www.fortnet.org/tfc/Pictures/tangoOutline.gif)

However, it is all too easy to become caught up in the planning and loose track of how and why you started on this journey in the first place.  In the end, the flowers will not last, the rentals are returned to their rightful owner, and the crumbs of the cake are swept up from the ballroom floor.  These items are all secondary to the celebration.  The celebration of being with the most amazing man in the world, the man who came into my life and quite literally saved it.  The man with whom I will spend the rest of my life dancing and celebrating.


Just a litte Party...

What to make, what to make...  we have had many of these kinds of soirees before, but it is always the same.  The fun occurs before the night.  I start by looking through a stack of books - all sizes, all colors, all regions around the world.  What should the theme of this party be?  "You could go out an buy the stuff you know.  If would make it so much easier!"  Yes, thank you.  I know.  But it would make it no where near as fun.  I always start with the sweets and confections.  Homemade chocolate covered caramels sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt on top.  The contrast between the two makes me very happy, and a happy hostess makes for a happy party...  Then I think that I will move onto dark chocolate and balsamic truffles rolled in cocoa powder.  The contrast between the rich, deepness of the chocolate and the tang of the vinegar will go so well with a nice glass of Spanish red wine.  Truffles_wine_2

Cupcakes.  Little ones, different kinds of frosting.  The perfect thing for adults who want to remember what it is like to be child for a few hours.  Hhhmmm... and this does not even include the savory nibbles!