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Two for Tuesday

More and more I love Twitter.  I really do.  Finding a group of like minded people with whom you can share ideas, thoughts, and brainstorm about all things related to food and cooking rocks.  I have found a whole new world (not to quote a Disney Song or anything) but seriously, it is great!  So it makes it pretty fun to focus on a few fab bloggers every few weeks on Tuesdays.  This week it is Jennifer Perillo and Zoe Francais - both avid in the Twittersphere!  So let's get to it!

I am pairing Jennie up with Zoe... for some reason, these two work together for me.  They are coming up with new recipes almost hourly, and manage to balance this with a full family life.

Jennifer...I want to hang out in Jennie's kitchen.  I think that her butter would spread beautifully on top of a stack of her buttermilk pancakes.  I might end the meal with some cinnamon rolls, and then wait around checking out her herbs and help her decide what meal we should all have next.  While sorting out that major decision, I would insist on drinking down a pitcher of her sangria.  In fact, I might even ask for a pitcher all for myself and place a straw in pitcher.  You should also go into Jennie's kitchen, although, I must warn you, you might have some problems getting yourself out!  It is so refreshing to see someone show how to properly cook plantains (one of my favorite things ever!)  She also writes for the Cuisinart Stand Mixer Blog.  Recipes fill the pages.  Is there anything Jennifer doesn't cover in her many blogs???

Zoe...You have got to check out the images on her site - you will really want to pick up your phone and think about dialing Zoe.  I mean she might be able to ship her cakes and pastries to you, it can never hurt to ask, right???? Gorgeous and divine is how they look.  She went as far as to bake TWO birthday cake for her son's birthday this year.  Zoe also has a cook book on baking artisan bread in five minutes... seriously?  I mean I have baked artisan bread, but it took a few days!  If you live in Minnesota, check out one of Zoe's classes - you can learn some of her fabulous baking secrets.  Zoe's most recent post is Coffee Ice Cream with Rosemary Shortbread... is it summer yet? Well, for this recipe it really does not matter what time of year it is because it just looks so fabulous, you would probably be willing to eat it in the dead of winter in the middle of a blizzard!

So do not waste anymore time... Go and visit Zoe and Jennifer (after clicking through this site of course!).