Two for Tuesday
Two for Tuesday

Yummy in Boston

I grew up in the food industry, kind of.  My mother had a gourmet food store that opened in the early 1980s.  Before gummy bears were mainstream, she sold them in her store, she took trips to Louisiana to visit the Community Coffee headquarters.  There were sandwiches made from homemade breads - health bread, baguettes, and herb bread - and the bakery cases were full with everything from over-sized cookies to scones to muffins to brownies to cakes.  Growing up with all of this in such close proximity refined my taste buds in such a way that no longer does a cookie from the shelf in a grocery store hold much appeal.  At the time, while I was in grade school, I decidedly did not want the over-sized cookies baked fresh in the kitchen from earlier that morning, and it took a few years for me to understand the greatness of what what mother accomplished.

Several months ago I searched on-line for a gift to send to a friend who recently underwent surgery.  It needed to be something that she and her kids could appreciate, and that is when I found Yummy Mummy Brownies, and noticed that it was a locally-based company.  In fact, the company happened to be supporting a local charity event, which is something that I found attractive.  I clicked on the website and was greeted by what looked to be a rich, thick, fudgey brownie rather reminiscent of what my mother had in her store...
Brownie_chocchip (photo from Yummy Mummy Brownies)

My decision was made, and I ordered 1/2 a dozen and shipped them off to my friend half-way across the country.  However, I was intrigued by the site and the other treats that could be sent as gifts (or simply to oneself) that promoted the Yummy Mummy brand.  The image of the brownie would not leave my mind, and after several e-mail exchanges with Melissa, the company's owner, I soon learned that she would be at the South End Open Markets with her divine desserts.  I had no excuse.  The Markets are merely blocks from my home, so I recently stopped by and found Melissa surrounded by fudge brownies, nut toffee brownies, caramel brownies, toasted walnut brownies, caramel nougat brownies, and mint patty brownies.  These brownies were no joke - about 2 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches wide, each one could easily serve several people.  I had no idea which one to choose.  I went for the toasted walnut, and also got a mint patty thrown in.

Now keep in mind, unless I am making it myself, I do not buy items like brownies.  I err on the healthy side.  I like to know every single ingredient that is in my food down to the teaspoon.  So, it felt a little bit naughty and risky to be buying brownies, and as I walked home with the giant chocolate delights tucked away in a brown paper bag, I felt as if I had confiscated goods by my side.  I had to try them - just a little taste.  I pulled out a sharp serated knife to cut myself a sample.  The top was a bit crispy and cracked when the knife pressed into the rich, dense chocolate.  I started with the mint patty and Melissa was generous with her mint.  It glistened on the top of the brownie and was evenly mixed throughout the brownie.  I started with a small piece knowing that it would be sweet.  Very sweet.  After all it was dense, delectably dense, rich and wonderful looking.  But I was surprised when I took my first bite.  It held up to all my expectation except for one - the sweetness.  It was not as sweet as I thought, and this was a good thing.  The chocolate stood out - not the sugar.  I so appreciated and enjoyed the flavor of the chocolate, the mint, and could not get enough of the rich treat, and the best thing of all was that it did not overwhelm me with sweetness.  The toasted walnut was similar - the chocolate and walnut came through instead of something so sweet that one bite would have you grabbing a gallon of milk and chugging the whole thing down to subdue to the sweetness.

These brownies are scrumptious, luscious, and will make you go back for more.  They are an ideal gift for new mothers, wedding favors, bridal showers, or just because. Check out Melissa's website: Yummy Mummy Brownies or simply stop by the South End Open Markets some Sunday and look for her there... You will discover yet another yummy treat in Boston!