The Tartlette

Baking with a view


I have always had the luxury and joy of using a large oven and stove. Sure - this may seem very trivial, but it is true. Five and six burner stoves and numerous ovens make up my parents' kitchen. My own "grown up" kitchen has a five-burner stove, and an oven, which hold extra large cookie sheets. I mention only because we are moving. We are staying in Abu Dhabi, but moving to a different apartment, and one of the challenges I have had is finding a place that has BOTH a great view and a stove that meets my critical baking needs. Yup - a real serious challenge I know. While there is climate change and war and serious political strife in the US I am sitting here in the Arabian Gulf concerned about a view versus and oven. Completely trivial in some senses, but in other sense it gives me something to focus on and control.

The view is important because for the past 2 1/2 years my husband and daughter have watched Arabian Sunsets almost nightly and the sunrises from the East in the morning. It is their "thing". We have sweeping windows that look out onto the Arabian Gulf - West - and we have the fortune to watch the sun dive down underneath the horizon most nights. At first we thought we could give up the view - the view would not matter so much. I wanted the oven - I wanted to ensure that I could use my oversized cookie sheets. I could not even fathom compromising on the size of the oven. But as the search continued and I took an increasing interest in the view. I started to think about what I would be missing by not seeing my husband and daughter watch the sunset. So baking will now take a slightly different and more creative direction - and I can ensure the the sunsets (and sunrises) in the Gulf remain a constant.